Founded in 1898

Consolidated Shoe Company, Inc. (“CSC”) was founded in 1898 by Richard Alexander Carrington and John S. Witt as an east coast shoe supplier under the name Lynchburg Shoe Company, Inc. The name was changed to Consolidated Shoe Company, Inc. in 1936 when the company expanded its distribution to include most of the United States.

Global Expansion and Transformation

Sourcing manufacturing goods from the Northeast until the 1970s, Consolidated began its first international manufacturing in Italy later that year. Sourcing the most qualified individuals in the footwear, manufacturing and materials industry, the company continued to expand its global footprint engaging services in Spain, Brazil, Italy, and the Far East.

The company’s primary focus was custom orders until the 1980s when Nicole, CSC’s premier branded line of footwear was introduced. From the first day in business, the goal has been to provide service that exceeds customers’ needs and competitors’ abilities.

Transforming to an ESOP corporation in 1998, the mentality shifted to self-motivated production with an individual, vested commitment to CSC’s overall success, encouraging the team to go above and beyond.

Our Brands Today

Consolidated Shoe Company’s brand portfolio has expanded to include OTBT, Poetic Licence, Nicole, Naked Feet, MADELiNE and MADELiNE Girl. With over 50 years of collective experience, CSC’s designers continue to drive the brands’ popularity in the fashion industry.

Today, CSC has evolved into a portfolio of brands commanding leading market share with over 3.5K clients globally.