About Consolidated Shoe Company

Since 1898, Consolidated Shoe Company has remained dominant in the shoe industry by teaming with a global network of designers who relentlessly explore new styles, reinvent classic ones, and create entirely new categories of shoes. CSC is able to access every segment of the footwear market through our 15 unique brands.Our mission is to provide quality lifestyle fashion with personalized service that values customers and employees through innovation, communication, and quick reaction.

Our Brands

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Our Designers

Consolidated Shoe Company utilizes the talents and expertise of talented shoe designers. With over 50 years of collective experience, our designers continue to drive our brands’ popularity in the fashion industry. Our international designers teams are headed by Maurizio Celin and Todd Partridge.

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The key ingredients in our wholesale client relations are to offer fantastic product and to provide the highest quality service. Register today to shop our friendly retailer’s website. Once you register and are approved, you will have access to shop our available inventory 24/7.Register and shop today at http://shop.cscshoes.com.

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